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Team Fortress 2 Free This Weekend

Posted May 2, 2008 6:18 pm by DarMonkey | Comments (37)

Valve is offering a worldwide Team Fortress 2 Free Weekend that is going on now! You can join in and play the full game for free, including the new content just released in the TF2: Gold Rush Update. All you need is a Steam account to play. The Free Weekend is available to players all around the world and ends this Sunday, May 4, 2008 at 1pm PDT.

More Information:: Team Fortress 2 - Gold Rush Page


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Posted February 12, 2021 9:11 am by ZunairaShelton
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Posted February 15, 2021 10:07 am by ThomasMaxwell
Zunaira, believe me when I say I know how you feel. They made the game free a week after I decided to purchase it. Haha. Talk about tough luck. Took me a few months of saving at
Posted February 23, 2021 11:22 am by ZunairaShelton
Two years later at and I still can't get over the fact that I paid for something I could have gotten for free with a little wait.....Grrrrrr
Posted March 5, 2021 12:15 am by ampva300
Wow, I will ask my friend in Wilmington to join me in the free game! Thank you so much!
Posted April 1, 2021 5:38 am by ritusomani
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