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Shared Ban System

Posted April 25, 2006 11:29 pm by DarMonkey | Comments (0)

Shared Ban System (SBS) was released recently as a Metamod: Source plugin for server administrators. This plugin allows admins running Source games (CS: Source, DoD: Source, etc.) to use a global ban list. This means that SBS-banned players will not be able to connect to any server running the SBS plugin. is a global banning system aimed at getting rid of cheaters once and forever from modern Source-based online games, protecting players, administrators and their investments.

Registered server administrators can submit a recording of a player they think has been cheating. The administrative staff will examine the recordings (which need to be at least 5 minutes long), and decide whether the player deserves banning. Their SteamIDs will then be blocked from accessing Sharedbans protected servers, saving everyone concerned time, grief and the annoyance of dealing with the filth of the online gaming world.

More Information: Shared Ban System Website
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